For me, Fashion styling is not about Style or Fashion. It is about personality, it’s about learning to actually see oneself. About bringing order and harmony to your external appearance.

My love of fashion started at an early age and I studied Fashion Merchandising  and Design and later also Interior Design. My mother was a fabulous seamstress and as a young girl I would walk into my mother’s Atelier and it was magical place to play and touch beautiful intricate fabrics.

My motivation for starting my own business came later in life came after my daughter became Independant. I suddenly realized I wanted to do something for myself, something that would make me really happy and involve one of my loves, Fashion.

I believe there is NO age limit to what we do. Creating a new business provided me the opportunity to continue to learn and be inspired but More importantly it is FUN.

I started my business as an online Boutique, selling Vintage Designer Handbags Accessories and Jewelry. Now the business has grown and evolved to Personal Styling, Image Consulting and Wardrobe Detoxing.

I help women of all ages and stages of their life, explore fashion and dress with ease confidence and style. Which helps them build an impactful presence.

What I love most about my work now as a Stylist, is my ability to truly change the way a person perceives themselves. Also helping clients to take away the frustration of getting dressed each day and to see how this can alter their lives in a single afternoon.

I work with women who are returning to work after a long absence, perhaps after raising a family or who have been on maternity leave or women who feel a little insecure about themselves and their look, and need a change.

We all know the power of a great outfit. It has nothing to do with cost. You walk out the door and it just feels right. And you don’t spend the rest of the day gazing in a mirror thinking about what you are wearing.

This is what I love to do, to help women streamline their wardrobes and create their own individual comfortable style. And to teach them, how to work with what already exists in their closets to look and feel their very best.

I encourage women to reach out to me, whether they are in a full blown style crisis or just a sense that the current wardrobe is in need of improvement. My end goal goes far beyond creating a cute outfit. For me the best part of my job is how life changing this experience is for women. The change starts on the inside and becomes evident on the outside. Clients feel more self assured and confident. This give me a the great pleasure. It’s a gift they keep long after I leave.