The holidays are over and soon winter will be over as well. This is the time of the year when it may become a little overwhelming to keep up with January’s New Year’s resolutions, but thank God for Fashion giving you the much-needed mood uplift and the opportunity to reinvent yourself whenever you want.

Sure, I get the hesitation, unless you are a celebrity making the choice to become a totally new person can be a challenge—but there are a few little and easy-to-digest tricks that you can implement in your everyday life and closet to be able to make a difference to the way you look and feel.

Before we start discussing any new trends and statement pieces for spring to re-invent (refresh) your looks, I suggest we start with a wardrobe declutter. Why? It is essential before you start buying any new-season pieces to become clear and well organized on what you already own and only then decide what new pieces might complement your personal style. It’s always important to still be true to your personal style and preferences and yet surprise and enchant in a new way. If you’re not quite ready to practice one of the more extreme wardrobe-cleaning techniques that I offer but are still looking to clear out and re-structure your dress-up space, read these simple tricks below to be able to have a neat chic start in spring.

No. 1 Efficiency

Make efficient use of your space by sorting and folding all your sweaters and t-shirts preferably by size and color. All the pieces you put on your hangers should be sorted as well by size, color and item, for example, white shirts together, next to colourful ones and then black ones. The pieces you use the most, let’s say pants or jeans, place at eye level so it is simple to pull out when you need them. This should help with the amount of time you spend looking for items each day. Make a note and put close to each other those pieces that work and match together.

No.2 Hangers

Invest in good hangers. Functional hangers are those that you can use both for hanging pants and other pieces of your clothing. Wood hangers are lovely and when in one color they are always very pleasing to the eye. This might sound like a simple trick, but you will be surprised what a difference this will make to your closet space and honestly it is a mood booster. Try to put all skirts together Skirts need to be on specially designated skirt hangers.

No.3 Inspiration

A well-organized and aesthetically neat closet space can truly change your life. It is the place that should bring feel-good vibrations and uplift your mood, it is the space that can transform you and make you look and feel the best version of yourself. So if you have somewhere in your home a place to curate only for yourself, keep it private and bring in those pieces that trigger your imagination for a good living: Beauty products, jewelry, bags, lace lingerie, scarves, then use it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a whole room for it. A pretty tray with your favorite perfumes or some lovely fragrant soaps with inspiring photos from magazines, a chic frame, a bracelet or something else that brings you good memories will be an excellent reminder for you how you can be special in your everyday life and will inspire you to take creatively style decisions.

No.4 Mood Board

Every season I create a Mood board for myself, cutting out photos from magazines of people I admire and clothes or designers collections that I am fascinated with. Then I go through my closet and curate those looks for myself with the pieces I already own. Based on that I decide if I need to buy a statement piece to update those looks. I also find that having a bulletin board of inspirational photos is always useful in a moment of crisis.

No.5 Store It

Make sure you stock up on matching trays and boxes in your closet, where you can put together your belts, lingerie, tank tops and scarves. Each category should have its own place. Save your dust bags from handbags and shoes in a separate box and make sure to arrange an amenity box where you can store a lint brush, stain remover, safety pins and a sewing kits for moments of clothing emergencies. Easy to find at all times. Your closet will always look neat and trim when all is store properly in individual boxes and trays.

No.6 Jewelry

Try to keep your jewelry in thin drawers with built-in separator for individual pieces or on a lovely velvet covered tray. Make sure you can see everything in your collection. Similar trays are available for watches and sunglasses.

No.7 Shoes

If you have space try and use clear shoeboxes to store your shoes. Ikea offers shoeboxes with transparent front lid, all in white so you can see which pair is where at a glance. Try to organize your shoes in categories and styles. Always stuff the toes of your dressier shoes to keep their shape.


No. 8 Handbags

Handbags are properly taken care of when stuffed with bubble paper or tissue to keep their shape. If you can keep them in the dust bags that they come in. In order to see all your bags, imagine a situation when you are in a hurry to leave the house and the last piece you need to grab, adding up the final touches to your look is your bag, make sure you have them organized by color and style. If you want to add a little more chic and fun to your wardrobe then arrange a place where all your favorite handbags or shoes are on display.

At the end, arranging your closet is not a one-woman game, make sure you have the right company to add a fresh perspective and enjoy the process….. We are here for you.