Darcy’s Testimonial – ‘The perfect look for me’

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DarcyI love clothing and I love being dressed in an outfit that is stylish, complimentary and put together well. However, to find time to create it, the patience to mix and match clothing and accessories and the sense of adventure to play around with a look outside my standard “uniform,” is difficult to very unlikely.

Finding the right thing to wear on an everyday basis can be challenging enough, but finding the right outfit to wear for an occasion that is going to be captured on film and presented for anyone to see (i.e. my website) is an intimidating proposition.

In fact, it was one I dreaded, which is why I called Kathy for help. Calling her was undoubtedly one of the wisest decisions I have made. Not only did she come up with multiple “right” outfits, she made what can be a tedious and even uncomfortable process fun. She is such a great personality – easy-going, kind, generous, warm, funny – that I felt totally at ease with her.

Of course, on top of it all, she is very talented and has an eye for putting the “right” things together and accessorizing them for the perfect look…the perfect look for me. She took my own style into account; worked with it, what clothing I had and what suited my build and coloring; and then she perfected it. Furthermore, she did it in a fraction of the time it would have taken me.

I can’t say enough about the experience, Kathy’s skill and her professional, friendly manner. What I can say is, thank you, Kathy!