ClosetWhy do we hoard? Because we fear that we will forget. We hang on to relics of the past…

But over time, we find our external world begins to mirror our internal one.

The solution – to declutter – is a glorious one, helping us to feel as though we have have put things in order for the year ahead.

Tidying is not just pleasing to the eye, it is most rewarding for the soul. Even your mind can be emptied methodically systematically of the things that re cluttering its corners.

Everything needs a designated home. If everything is put away properly clutter does not exist. ANYTHING that does not spark a purpose or bring joy should be eliminated.


Shopping/Styling Tour Luzern
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While right now you may be enjoying the last moment of summer time activities soon it will be time to start thinking about transitioning your Summer clothes to Fall. If you want new ideas for the season ahead, finding pieces … Read More

Style-Etc owner Kathy Patellis-Schmidt featured in Living in Luzern’s latest magazine
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I am pleased and honored to have been featured as an ‘interesting international resident’ in Living in Luzern‘s latest magazine. You can click on the images below to blow them up or you can read the full magazine online

Must-See Rising Fashion Designer
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Lida Nobakht is an Iranian born fashion designer who graduated in Haute Couture of the Technical-Vocational Art Academy of Iran. Lida was raised in a family in which arts and literature were valued most and her mother was her first … Read More

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One would not usually describe suit-clad business guys as fashionable, in actual fact a suit indeed isnt fashion at all, but anti-fashion, but by Golly aren´t they stylish?! Having sneakily watched a few men work their wardrobes I see that … Read More

How to curate a stylish, conscious and easy to navigate Fashion Closet
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The holidays are over and soon winter will be over as well. This is the time of the year when it may become a little overwhelming to keep up with January’s New Year’s resolutions, but thank God for Fashion giving … Read More

Leslie’s Testimonial – ‘I now have so many different things to wear’
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I had the most wonderful experience having Kathy come to my home to help me with my look.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.  She works fast, stays focused and gives you 100%.  She knows in a moment what to … Read More

Ruth’s Testimonial: ‘For the first time in a long time, I cannot wait to get dressed!’
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I cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon than with Kathy as she organizes and recreates your wardrobe. Kathy instinctively knew what I would feel comfortable and happy wearing.   I now know that I don’t need … Read More

Tsitalyia’s Testimonial – ‘It is a pleasure every time I open my closet’
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Even a fashionista like me, whose closets are bursting with pretty designer clothes, needs a glam fairy to help them when it comes to bringing some spark and strategy to every day dress decisions. Just like any busy working mom, … Read More

Darcy’s Testimonial – ‘The perfect look for me’
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I love clothing and I love being dressed in an outfit that is stylish, complimentary and put together well. However, to find time to create it, the patience to mix and match clothing and accessories and the sense of adventure to play … Read More

Styling at the Gutsch Luzern
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On the 18th July, a styling session and photoshoot took place in the beautiful Gütsch castle in Luzern. It was a wonderful experience in a gorgeous place.

PaperQueen stationery is now available at Style-Etc.Boutique!
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PaperQueen stationery has landed at Style-Etc.Boutique! Birthday and greetings cards are now available as well as note cards designed by the queen of stationery. Annabel St. John, who gets her endless inspiration from life’s everyday occasions, is the founder and creative … Read More

Joy’s Testimonial ‘100% worth it’
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After being at home with the children for a few years, I knew that when I started interviewing for jobs, I’d need some help getting myself organized! Kathy met me at one of the second hand shops in Lucerne and … Read More

Sabine’s Testimonial ‘That needs to go’
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Decluttering has been on my to-do-list for quite a while now. Every now and again I’d do ‘little bits’, feeling good about myself but at the same time sometimes feeling overwhelmed as if my ‘clutter’ was exploding in my face … Read More

The Fabulous Team Behind the Show
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Last week we collaborated with Susanna Soler of Boutique Diva to show case some beautiful products for Spring and Summer. Professional Stylist Kathy Patellis-Schmidt coordinated a fun and informal evening, with seasonal and statement pieces modelled by Tsitaliya, the fashion writer & blogger behind … Read More