Style-Etc. Customer - Joy Foster

Joy Foster, Founder Tech Pixies

After being at home with the children for a few years, I knew that when I started interviewing for jobs, I’d need some help getting myself organized!

Kathy met me at one of the second hand shops in Lucerne and we spent the afternoon together going through several different luxury brand options. In the end, I found a gorgeous suit which I still wear today when I have important meetings.

It isn’t just that Kathy knows what she is talking about when it comes to personal style, it is how she makes you feel about yourself that is the most moving. From the moment she started working with me, her goal was to make sure I knew and understood my value as a person and as a woman.

Working with Kathy is amazing as well because she has so many incredible products which would cost a fortune if you were to purchase them new. In the end, I spent around 400 CHF but had I had to purchase everything brand new, it would have easily been over 1000 CHF.

I can’t recommend working with Kathy enough. It is 100% worth it.