Leslie Kustler

Leslie Kuster, Owner Back From Bali

I had the most wonderful experience having Kathy come to my home to help me with my look.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is.  She works fast, stays focused and gives you 100%.  She knows in a moment what to put with what, what looks good on you, and what you should get rid of. I ended up with two large bags of shoes and clothes to remove from my life and that alone felt great.  She really helped me define my look and to understand the shape I need to go for.  And the best part is that you shop your own closet.  
How often do we all say “I have nothing to wear.” Well after our time together, I now have so many different things to wear.  
She also found the holes in my wardrobe and gave concrete suggestions on what I do need to go out and buy.  I feel more confident now getting dressed and I know the look that I need to go for each day.  She also has a great eye for jewelry and accessories too.  The entire experience is confidence building as you have a real pro making sure you look your best.
In addition, I just moved into a new apartment and little did I know that Kathy is also an interior decorator.  In addition to the clothing styling she also gave me great advice on what I should do with the apartment – from furniture to curtains. It was so helpful getting her ideas and just like with the clothing, she knew just what to do with the décor.
Thank you Kathy!