Sabine’s Testimonial ‘That needs to go’

Sabine’s Testimonial ‘That needs to go’

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Decluttering has been on my to-do-list for quite a while now. Every now and again I’d do ‘little bits’, feeling good about myself but at the same time sometimes feeling overwhelmed as if my ‘clutter’ was exploding in my face as soon as I picked up a few things. It seemed a never-ending task.

Until today…

This morning I was visited by a Fairy with a magic wand. And she made my day! When she left around noon my closets were organised, the stuff that ‘needed to go’ was gone, I got great suggestions for combinations and to wear the clothes I have in more stylish and fashionable ways (I take her advice because by the looks of her she know’s her stuff ;-)). I got a little shopping list of stuff to complete my garderobe with and on top of that: loads of suggestions to improve my ‘interior design’, to make my living space more functional, more balanced and more beautiful.

And ahhh, I found so much space! In my closets, in the space that surrounds me and last but not least: in me.

It feels like I can breathe more freely, and as if there’s more space in my head now, too. In just one morning, she made such a difference!

And it tastes like more, so when she left I went on and on and on and decluttered even more. I almost felt like a maniac: was this really me?

Anyway. This fairy is great fun to be with and we had a lot of laughs. What I also appreciated is that she never pushed me to ‘let go’ of things. It was always my choice. And, to be honest with you, I think she’s a little bit crazy because she even took my ‘junk’ with her…well, okay, she’s probably just gonna wave her magic wand and turn it into the most fashionable stuff or make it disappear…whatever she does with it, I don’t care, because she made my day today.

Thank you Kathy Patellis-Schmidt!!!!

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