Even a fashionista like me, whose closets are bursting with pretty designer clothes, needs a glam fairy to help them when it comes to bringing some spark and strategy to every day dress decisions. Just like any busy working mom, I need to save time and be quick in the morning or when picking an outfit last minute before I go out for events or business meetings.

I needed to have a few outfits ready for any occasion and also some order in my chaotic wardrobe space.

Kathy came home and for about 2-3 hours she did the impossible: cleared the space in my wardrobes (and my mind), helped me deal with nostalgia about pieces I haven’t worn for years but still kept in my wardrobe, took away everything that wasn’t “my style” and gave me a few new ideas about how to mix and match my statement pieces in a new and exciting way I haven’t tried out .

With the right perceptive questions, she really helped me decide between things that were precious to me and clutter. Kathy took in mind my work and lifestyle and the ideas she gave me for what to wear till the end of the summer were all aligned with my professional image and lifestyle.

I am truly grateful for what Kathy did, because I feel my days don’t have to start in stress now thinking of what I have to wear. My wardrobe looks super organized and neat, I can see all my clothes and I don’t have to buy new ones. It is a real pleasure every time I open my closet. Thank you Kathy!

Style-Etc. Customer - Tsitaliya Mircheva-Petrova

Tsitaliya Mircheva-Petrova
Creative Director & Founder Mums in Heels