I met Kathy at a showroom event and was from the beginning really impressed by her professionalism and easy approach at the same time. When I heard she was offering “Closet Detoxing” services, this resonated right away with what I needed.

I was at a stage of my career where I wanted to go a step higher, and I was missing the confidence spark to make it happen. And I knew that the spark would come with what I am wearing.

The style is not natural to me, so that’s why I asked Kathy’s help. She was promising to make customers feel great within minutes with clothes and shoes they already have in their closet. I doubted that she could do anything with mine since I own a million pieces of clothes which do not fit together.

Kathy came to my place, and right away she picked three pieces from my closet which were a good base to put together three business outfits within five minutes. Indeed, trying on those three outfits (only made with my own clothes and shoes) I instantly felt confident, fearless and strong. And it went on like this for three hours.

A few weeks after Kathy’s visit, I received a phone call for an interview for my next dream job. I knew exactly what to wear and this definitely made the difference since I was feeling more confident than ever. Along with all three rounds of interview, I was wearing the outfits Kathy put together. And I managed to secure this job.

Since the detox, four months ago, my closet is organised in a brand new way, and there is not one single morning I do not know what to wear. Whether it is for strict business or more casual. Kathy helped me tremendously changing my vision of style, accompanying me in a very soft, gentle and still highly professional way. She remains available every time I need advise for shopping or putting together a new outfit.

Fanny Rebmann